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A Language Trainers Brasil organiza aulas de qualquer idioma em qualquer local, sob medida para você. Nossos professores nativos e experientes, ensinarão seus funcionários em seus escritórios a qualquer hora do dia, em qualquer dia da semana. Nós somos flexíveis; onde quer que seu escritório esteja localizado, sempre que você precisa estudar, vamos coordena-lo com o professor ideal para você. Além disso, nossos professores podem ensinar os funcionários individualmente em casa ou via Skype (para grupos de até 4).

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Business Private Classes

Private classes are ideal for busy learners who have very little time, need complete focus on their needs, and total flexibility to be able to cancel and reschedule with very short notice. If you need to change the day or time of the class, we only require 2 working days notice (e.g. to change a class on a Tuesday, let the teacher know the Friday before).

Business Group Classes

A group can consist of anywhere between two and fifteen students. However, we find that with large classes, instructors are unable to provide enough individual attention to help each student progress quickly and confidently. Because of this, we recommend seven or eight students in one group. In a closed group course, all participants should be at approximately the same language level. If proficiency levels are markedly different, we recommend splitting the group into two or more smaller classes. This will help ensure that each learner makes as much progress as possible with their language learning.

Personalized Language Level Test

If you are unsure about your company’s current language capabilities, our IT department will create a personalized online level test for your organization - this is completely free of charge and you are under no commitment to continue if you decide to use a different provider. The test results are reviewed by our Academic Team and recommendations are made for the ideal group size and combinations.

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Make-up classes

If students are absent from a group course, we can provide make-up classes that are usually billed at the end of the course. If the teacher is notified in advance, it is possible to record an audio cassette of the class so the absentee may listen to it later. Another option is to arrange live online classes, which can be attended even when students are in remote locations (as long as they have an internet connection). Online classes can also be recorded and reviewed later.

Loyalty Rates

For organizations taking 3 or more courses (of the same or different languages in the same or across different offices) Language Trainers also offers special Loyalty Rates which we can discuss after you make your inquiry. Where your organization needs more than just general language skills (for travel, survival, or conversation), our qualified, native trainers can teach more specific business topics to cover giving presentations, writing e-mails, making phone calls, managing negotiations, and/or technical language relevant to your industry sector.

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Tailored Courses

Since our courses are tailor-made, a very detailed needs assessment is done with you and the participants at the beginning of the class to ensure that we cover everything you need to know and don’t waste your time with unnecessary topics. You are also welcome to bring your own suggestions to the trainer and elaborate the finer points of your course. We can also include accent softening and cultural awareness where these are required. Our teachers are all native speakers who are both experienced and certified to teach their own language to foreign learners. Furthermore, our tutors have a language-related university degree and at least 3 years of teaching experience. Before you start the course, we would be happy to send you your trainer’s profile so you can have a look at her/his teaching qualifications and experience along with a suitable course outline.

Monitor employees’ progress

Beyond the quality of our tailor-made courses, our personal Course Coordinators (account managers) and our highly-experienced native-speaker instructors, we know that HR Directors and other managers will also appreciate our state-of-the-art Client Control Center which offers instant reports to monitor your employees’ progress, attendance and test results in real-time. More info...

Por favor, confira a nossa lista de clientes globais e veja quais são as organizações que ensinamos, quais são as cidades aonde estão e que setor da indústria correspondem. Você também pode ver centenas de depoimentos de clientes e acompanhar o feedback que eles nos deram. Nós também podemos lhe enviar referências de clientes, os quais você pode entrar em contato pessoalmente; Estes clientes fazem parte de organizações de nível mundial e que vêm contratando os nossos cursos ao longo de muitos anos para os seus empregados, muitas vezes para diferentes idiomas em diferentes locais.

Para saber mais sobre o melhor método de aprendizagem de línguas para a sua equipe e criar seus próprios sem compromisso, testes de nível de linguagem para a sua organização, entre em contato conosco aqui.

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“Language Trainers is very quick to respond to enquiries and keeps you up to date on when you will receive your lessons. This makes them a very easy company to deal with”

Katie Taylor, Learning Korean to get her dream job

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